Coffee Monsters

Tell us a little something about yourself. Who is the artist behind the Coffee Monsters?
I’m a copywriter from Hamburg, Germany and I’ve studied communication design. I really dig coffee and I love to draw little creatures and comic characters.
How did you start this project?
The inspiration came from a simple coffee spill that landed on my desk one day. It looked like it had eyes. Because of that I didn’t throw it away, but let it dry. I just needed to draw some simple lines to make a monster out of it and since then, I have been doing it on a regular basis to stay creative while doing not so creative tasks.
I can see you have quite a lot fans on Facebook. How did people react to this kind of art?
People react in a great way. Most of them love the monsters for their sweetness, some for the stories I write for them and some people love the drawing style. I can’t say for sure, but it’s been a ride since put the article about the monsters on their front-page in the summer of 2015.
Who supported you in this marvelous idea?
I would say my friends supported me in keep doing it. It was a challenge at times. There are always moments when you want to stop making it, because you’re not interested in it anymore, but then some friends come along, cheer you up and say: “Well, now go on.” And on some day, it just took off. 
 I also found out about your kickstarter project. How is it going so far and what are your plans if you receive the founding? 
The kickstarter is going so well! It is already funded and it is still going for 10 more days and towards some stretch goals. That is such an amazing thing! I just love the people who reach out to me and tell me how much they love the idea and I am really happy. 
Please describe your relationship with coffee, since we’re all coffee lovers around here.
I drink it for taste, not for being awake. Ok, sometimes also for that, but most of the time, I love a good coffee. Or at least the best that you can get around the working place. At weekends it feels like I’m a cook and really need to seize the smell and the making of it. Making coffee with a mocca can is such a nice thing. Tastes absolutely delicious and you really need to know what you’re doing. 
Please, tell us a few wisdom words for our coffee lovers’ Romanian community.
Hmm…Just keep doing what you like and something good will happen. And if you do it on a regular basis, perhaps something even greater will happen. Hope that’s some kind of wise thought.

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