The relentless development that characterises every Sanremo product gives baristas increasingly better tools to make them feel and be the true stars of their profession.
The result? Sanremo has perfected Project Opera, that is, working together with ACAIA they made Opera E.S.T. or Opera Espresso Scale Technology, a system that lets you make utterly perfect coffee each and every time thanks to the Brew Ratio control.
The barista can now operate with the machine not only through dosing the amount of water, but also controlling the weight

of the coffee in cup based on the grams quantity of ground coffee used, this way it is possible to “customize” every single brew as wished.
The strong point of Opera E.S.T. is that its software is incredibly easy to use and perfectly integrated into the system via Bluetooth technology, with an app that manages and controls the machine.
Opera E.S.T. was presented in Milan during Host 2015 and will be available on the market starting in February 2016.
Full enjoyment of Opera has never been so easy.

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