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Whenever we think about The Netherlands,
we usually end up uttering Amsterdam quite instantly.


What I’m suggesting here, however, is that you turn your gaze upon another bright city, which is slowly but surely, gaining ground in the field of specialty coffee. That city’s name is Eindhoven. CoffeeLab UC is a perfect example of this ascension. Open since November 2014, this café quickly became known as the go-to place downtown. It all started when the Eindhoven Info Kiosk thought about closing shop. Former 2003 Dutch Barista Champion, Jeroen Veldkamp teamed up with Horeca Developer Rob Borges and decided that strength lies in numbers thus CoffeeLab UC and Eindhoven VVV came into being: two businesses, one location.
Due to its closeness to both the train station and the Piazza, with all the shopping streets nearby, this café welcomes tourists and coffee aficionados alike. Here you can enjoy an early Red Eye (for those of you who party hard and need that extra caffeine kick) or a tasty mocaccino and banana bread during a cozy outing with friends. When it comes to the coffee they serve, I was fortunate enough to speak to the wonderful Milou Savelkoul, head-barista (although she resents this title profusely) and 1st prize winner of the Dutch Barista Challenge in 2015 (Gothenburg, Sweden) for her Gin Soy Latte (no alcohol included).


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