Costa Rican Coffee

You may wonder what do “Maruyama Coffee” from Japan, the “12Corners Coffee” from New York and the “Coffea” franchise from South Korea have in common, being so far away one from the other and in such different cultures?! The answer is that they are united by their love for Costa Rican coffee. Despite the geographic distance, you can enjoy in all three places a delicious cup of coffee from this wonderful Central American country.


Our Coffee has not only achieved a widespread recognition in USA, where it is considered the third best known coffee origin following Brazil and Colombia, but it is also globally that the Costa Rican coffee has the reputation of being one of the best, due to quality control during its production among many other reasons. In Costa Rica, 98.5 % of coffee growers produce less than three hundred bushels a year, forty seven thousand Costa Rican families relay directly on its production and marketing and these families get to produce up to seventy percent of our country total production. 

Coffee has been enhancing our beautiful topography for over two centuries and has been fully rooted in our history. Costa Rica has over two hundred fifteen coffee processing plants, extended in eight productive regions and out of them one hundred and forty seven are micro-processors, that produce less than three hundred bushels a year, the majority of them dry the coffee beans with natural sunlight and use ecological practices such as growing organic coffee under shade, to achieve an exceptional environmental friendly and natural product.

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