Fábrica has long been a name that stands out both in the Portuguese specialty coffee scene, as well as abroad. It was therefore mandatory I pay them a visit while visiting Lisbon. Theirs is a story of success and dedication, having started nearly four years ago and currently managing 1 van and 3 cafés (2 in Lisbon, 1 in Porto), alongside roasting and supplying a lot of places in Ericeira, Porto and Portugal’s capital.

The café I visited on R. das Portas de Santo Antão, 136, had a homey atmosphere and amazing interior design. Quite cosy, I could easily picture myself enjoying my morning coffee (or afternoon Cascara tea) there away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located not even 1km away from Lisbon’s main shopping street, this place is a perfect haven for weary travellers.

Not surprisingly considering both owner Stanislav and manager Ana come from Russia and have decided to make a life for themselves in sunny Portugal. It seems to be going pretty well considering Fábrica is now one of the most visited coffee houses around.

Speaking of coffee – they have a number of coffee beans varieties ranging from El Salvador (Pirineus), Brasil (Minas Gerais), Rwanda (Simbi Huye) and their very sought-after espresso blend (70% Brasil, 30% Ethiopia Sidamo). Filter lovers who are looking for some goodies to take home will also not leave disappointed as you can choose from at least three different Ethiopian coffees: Sidamo, Aricha and Rocko Mountain. Everything is roasted on a Probatone 5 and you don’t need to worry about their prices either, they are more than reasonable.

The two espresso grinders, a Victoria Arduino Mythos1 and a Nuova Simonelli, pair up nicely with the two-group La Marzocco La Strada, while for their pour over options they decided to stick to the one and only Mahlköning EK43 grinder.
For those of you who aren’t really coffee-heads, but would still like to pay them a visit, feel free to do so – they have a great selection of local pastries and homemade cakes which you can enjoy with a nice cup of tea or any of their organic fizzy drinks. So what are you still waiting for?!

Article by Ronița Dragomir
Photo: fabricacoffeeroasters.com
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