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What are the ‘Best of’ Auctions?
The ‘Best of’ Auctions were established by 2015 World Barista Champion, Sasa Sestic and his company Project Origin. The auctions aim to engage small producers directly with consumers, in an interactive and immerse experience at origin.

How do the ‘Best of’ Auctions work?
First, producers submit their coffees, in several categories. These changes depending on the country hosting the auction.
Then, a National Jury in the host country judges and selects any coffee scoring above 85 and above. This can result in any number of coffees being shortlisted. Samples of these coffees are then made available worldwide, through our Cropster hub. This ensures that international buyers are able to taste the auction products, even before they are available for sale.
The next step is one you can be a part of! Project Origin and a panel of international judges (this could be you!) then travel to the host country, for several days of tasting, judging and workshops.

We work with local producers and coordinators, who organise these events to ensure that the international visitors are seeing the best of the host country and its coffees.
The international judges then select the top 20 coffees, which are then released to an online auction with scores attached on the morning of the final day. The auction begins and the top 20 coffees are made available online!

Who attended this year?
Attendees for the ‘Best of Honduras: Late Harvest’ auction for 2018 included coffee professionals and enthusiasts from Romania, Australia, Japan, Korea, Czech Republic, Taiwan, El Salvador and more.

What was the result?
The highest score of the auction was a parainema from Finca La Joya, grown by Benigno Mejia Garcia in Santa Barbara and with a score of 90.72.

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