Barista Camp 2017

The camp will take place this October 9-12 in Poznan, Poland. The event focuses on offering an opportunity to develop and learn as a barista, in a setting that promotes sharing ideas and experiences, and being part of a wider community. The event runs over 4 days and includes professional education, cutting-edge lectures and tastings, and loads of fun.

Following the successful format of Barista Camp 2016, Barista Guild of Europe will offer several educational tracks as part of the new SCA Coffee Skills Program alongside some brand-new class options designed for the beginner barista.

Amongst the usual SCA Intermediate and Foundation level tracks is also the option to take a class on Introduction to Brewing Equipment and/or Introduction to Competition.In addition, the event will host group lectures and tastings, and of course social activities to wind down and ensure new friendships and professional connections are formed.

Our top three reasons why we think you should come to Barista Camp 2017!

1. Get Certified: Barista Camp is a great opportunity to take an SCA module with highly experienced ASTs (trainers)

2. Professional Development:
Barista Camp offers you the chance to connect with some of your coffee
heroes, meet with inspiring industry professionals and gain advice and knowledge for your future in coffee

3. Connect With Peers: the friends you make at Camp will be friends for life. Living, eating and learning with your fellow baristas ensures a connection like no other.

Barista Guild of Europe’s Barista Camp is an unmissable event for any barista who is keen to progress with professional development and be a part of the growing global coffee community.

Registration is possible at the Barista Guild of Europe website now starting at €595 for BGE members and €695 for non-members.

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