Coffee fortune telling

Your future is hidden in your coffee cup. As we all know, it is difficult to make predictions. Especially when it comes to the future, but for coffee drinkers the future may now look both closer and brighter. “Fortune telling” in coffee is on its way back!

Even long before coffee appeared on the world stage most members of the human rage felt this irresistible urge to know what the future might bring.  That urge became so strong that concept of making predictions became, and still is, a very (un)serious profession, or at least an opening into some kind of part time entertainment.
My grandmother belonged in the last category. She was a part time freelance “fortune teller“ some 100 years ago. As a tool she used coffee grounds and coffee cups to tell friends, neighbours, family and anyone that would listen what the future might bring them. Provided the person in front of her actually drank coffee, she had her own very convincing way of reading the signs in what remained in the cup after drinking. She claimed individual future was hidden in the patterns in the remaining particles in cup. Her skills were high in demand, partly because her origin was quite unusual and exotic, and partly because she got a reputation of actually being quite good in predicting.

Probably because her statements left plenty of room for interpretations  – not unlike the oracles of Delphi.
As a child I was quite impressed by this and I followed her closely: The rituals, the atmosphere and the various patterns left in the cup or the saucer after the liquid was enjoyed.  Later I also understood that what she said was sometimes less important than how she said it.
And above all: The long silent pause before the final verdict was proclaimed and the body language combined with the facial expressions during the proclamation added both to the excitement and the credibility.
I was not that clever and observant as a 10 year old, so it took me some 25 years before I understood the true value of the format, and an additional 10 years before I really grasped the essence of it and started to apply the same philosophy in my own business presentation around the world.

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